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Title: Would You Dance with Me?
Fandom: Band of Brothers
Pairing: Richard Winters/Lewis Nixon
Words: 329

Title: Trato vs Contrato
Fandom: Band of Brothers
Character: Lewis Nixon
Words: 417

Title: Oops
Fandom: The Losers (2010)
Pairing: Jensen Jake/Carlos Cougar Alvarez
Words: 821

Come ooooooooon, my Losers' fic isn't bad. ): It is just the beginning, tho. lol
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Politics has been such a pain in the ass lately! More than usual, a lot more!

It's like a daily issue, that is, what politicians want to make of us, our laws, our rights!

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February 24: Your Oldest WIP

The Oldest WIP ever? It was probably the first version, in pen on paper, of a Frerard I published in Orkut (this social media doesn't even exist anymore lol) or maybe...a Harry Potter fic? No, I think the first one was the Frerard one (My Chemical Romance fic). In this fic I wrote Gerard killing his abusive father with hot water, just like I saw it in Carandiru (2003), a movie about a Brazilian prison in which happened a huge massacre of prisoners - but the influence was completely unrelated to the massacre.

And Gerard was going to try hiding it, while meeting Frank. Of course, a lot of angst would ensue, but I discontinue the thing.
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Minha volta pra USP foi estressante, foi cheia de medo, foi uma montanha russa de emoções. Mas eu sobrevivi. A todas as aulas!!!! E, praticamente, eu não me distrai com o meu próprio pânico ao ponto de não saber onde eu estou, academicamente, e não tive tantos pânicos contínuos em sala de aula. Só tive um, para falar a verdade. Cheguei a ter muito medo de não ter coragem de ir na semanas seguintes, mas eu venci isso o suficiente para não ter passado mal no dia posterior!

Eu não quero prever o que vai acontecer, mas só quero respirar e lembrar-me que é assim mesmo. É díficil, é tenso, não é assim muito confortável, mas é possível!
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It's been quite full days lately. My cat is sick and my classes are to come soon and I can barely pay much attention to the studies as well as fanfic (my hobbies) while I'm trying to give her all the attention in the world so she can feel less miserable with a collar around her neck/head.

Plus, my dad is acting wonderfully and not helping at all, so now I'll have to miss two therapy sessions and my two first classes because I can't go while she needs care.

Anyway, I'm still gonna use a Constance/d'Artagnan icon for the sake of I want to see how it looks like. They looked so good full size!

And, at last, I'd like to apologize for not reading and commenting some of you guys' fics lately. I'm just so in fleeing mood right now.
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Big Cat Rescue is such a delightful channel with videos of Big Cat being treated well and living their lives. It's just so cute and so heartwarming <3
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And it didn't change since college, since I started studying French and French Literature! Most old French songs are just so...tacky? Although, I kind like some French Punk Rock, a bit at least.
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This actor who did Cougar in The Losers has so many face/hair phases and I'm living some of them, they're quite unique and he both reminds me d'Artagnan from The Musketeers (2014) and he's also not American!

ps: d'Artagnan's actor, Luke Pasqualino, is Italian and this actor here is Spanish!
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Ok, I can’t struggle with Photoshop anymore for today, so I will let it here, because I loved it and it ended up well and cute. <3

This is the product from an idea to a winnix!fic with Nix’s pov, something like that:

“At first, I thought what we have was wrong. I thought, like almost everybody thought, that like you in that way was not right. I hated myself for drag you, my best friend and the person who I most loved in the world, to that kinda of relationship. But, after all, when you said that you loved me, when you said twice and third times, I started to think…and after all these years in war, I just realized that: They (all the people) can think whatever they want, but I know that what we have is beautiful. I know because I can feel that my love for you is all the kinds of love and it made me a better person, you made me a better person, and I love you for all the things you caused into my life”

Lewis Nixon - in a possible fic.

OMG, I TRIED HARD NOW. - Second version and last one for today. GOOD LORD.
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Anônimo asked:
Hey dear! Could you recommend me any fics when Nix is injured and Dick is worried/ taking care of him? Thank you :)
Hey, buddy!

Sooo, I’m looking here on my bookmarks and I think there is only two fics I read in which Nix was really injured somehow.

The amazing/fantastic/awesome/marvelous A Few Degrees Warmer and its sequel Too Far Along - in both of them Nix has a hard time; he is even tortured by Germans in the last one, poor guy, but Dick treats him like a prince after all. At the end, there is a lil bit of smut, after all the pain, affectionate smut which is the best <3

Oh, there is hurt/comfort in A Different War but the fic is huge (tho, there are a building of sexual tension and Dick coming to terms with his sexuality that is pretty much well done and it’s awesome as well, so it’s pretty nice to read) - the fic is basically Dick coming to terms with his sexuality and his attraction to Nix.

And this one from LJ: “Just a scratch” by nixjen. This one is pretty nice for Nix’s humour we don’t see as much as we would like in some angsty winnix fics, which are a lot of the winnix one’s - although each fic works with a part of their lives and so it’s not really treated the same ofc, as even Nix changes and all. Bastogne/The Breaking Point/Last Patrol fic.

Anyway, I hope I had helped somehow ^-^~

Thank u for the ask <3


Feb. 2nd, 2019 01:19 am
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Existe um enorme risco de rompimento em diversas barragens de rejeitos por aqui e gostaria que todos (os brasileiros) estivessem alertados disso.

Acho importante que os brasileiros aprendam a interagir mais com seus parlamentares, por exemplo. Pelo menos, contactando-os de alguma forma, deixando-os cientes que nós estamos cientes das barragens que podem acabar com milhares de vidas, com alto risco de rompimento e com enormes quantidades de metais pesados que geram terríveis cânceres!

Gostaria de aqui arquivar alguns links importantes e interessantes para a educação da população em geral.

Links embaixo do corte.

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Feb. 2nd, 2019 01:15 am
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You aren't doing great and KT is making me rather sad lately but I trust you can overcome it! I won't stop supporting you and loving how amazing and crazy you can be, Smeb! <3
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Summary: They're like two works (A band of brothers fic & an original poem) in Portuguese and a List of Band of Brothers' headcanons I had scattered around tumblr. They're kind old, but I'm still attached to them and I think they're alright. I love my headcanons in special.

The list, with some details:

Memórias do Pós-Guerra is a Portuguese Fanfiction about Harry talking about the final destination of the Easy men after war, what happened to them/é literalmente memórias do pós-Guerra acerca do que aconteceu com os homens da Easy, relatado por Harry Welsh.

Poesia #1 is a romantic-lyric very short poem about love, obviously/Um poema lírico de amor, baseada em alguns sentimentos pessoais meus de quando eu era adolescente. Coisa realmente antiga, mas muito fofinha na minha opinião.

And finally, Headcanons which is a bundle of headcanons of all sorts about Band of Brothers (and one or two of BoB RPF & another pairing with Damian Lewis and Ron Livingston's characters in different shows), mainly Winnix's headcanons, though.

ps: Not really recent, actually. It's mostly an attempt to archive stuff I had only kept on tumblr.


Jan. 28th, 2019 04:38 pm
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ps: it was a comment I had in the first tour through fandom and fanfics but I still find the idea super funny
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Another fucking environment crime in Minas Gerais, Brazil!

Just in the middle of a political crisis involving our president's family - who, obnoxiously, are also part of our government as elected senators - a metal tailings dam collapse over a huge part of the capital of Minas Gerais, killing people, animals and the environment settled there.

The same enterprise (Vale, which was until the beginning of the century, a state-owned enterprise) had the same "accident" in 2015, in Mariana, killing several people, several animals, a river and leaving thousands without shelter.

Our new government was elected (also) on the basis of flexibilization of environmental regulations and our president says "it isn't the State's problem", and it was an "accident" taking off the accountability from the enterprise that had already been proved neglectful on their dams before (while still not paying the fines for the environmental destruction or for supporting the people whose lives they destroyed).

It's a fucking damn shame. Every day is a piece of bad news here. And worse than it was in the States (our president loves to emulate the American president and being a right-wing fucker), he also "loves" to take care of every minority's business.

He's against every minority and how they live /their/ fucking lives. So it became very important for us to keep close attention to every move of his government.

Jair Bolsonaro, our president, is against workers - by trying his best to take down as much workers' rights as possible, including to keep pregnant women from doing work that can be very much toxic to them, is against gay marriage and had already promoted how violence solves homosexuality, is against race/ethnic minorities, always screaming about how natives aren't supposed to have a territory of their own. Jair Bolsonaro has also praised and employed militians, paramilitary groups that make "justice" with their hands.

It's a fucking nightmare to live here these days.
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Over The Rhine

Rating: Explicit
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: M/M
Fandom: Band of Brothers RPF
Relationship: Damian Lewis/Ron Livingston
Characters: Damian Lewis, Ron Livingston
Additional Tags: Self-Hatred Reunions Blow Jobs Angst with a Happy Ending Character Bleed POV Alternating

Lonely and disillusioned with the world, Ron attends a Band of Brothers reunion. When he reconnects with Damian, will he have the courage to make the most of a long-awaited second chance?

GOTTA LOVE ME SOME ROMIAN (Yes, that's how I call them and every ship I have with Damian and Ron together)! I love self-hatred fanfic a bit much sometimes, 'cause I have self-esteem issues so...the identification is quite there. Aww, so lovely. Damian is very soft and lovely here.

Ps: I didn't use the author's nickname 'cause the fic is locked.
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Lights Home Fireworks Ready Kiss
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Caso Queiroz

Outro escândalo político (de corrupção) da família Bolsonaro, a Oligarquia tupiniquim!

caso queiroz
As principais figuras envolvidas, Flávio Bolsonaro e o "motorista particular" Queiroz.

O esquema é explicado assim:

"Na prática, funciona assim: um profissional é nomeado como assessor em um gabinete e recebe um salário de, por exemplo, 2.000 reais. No mesmo dia em que esse valor cai em sua conta corrente, ele é obrigado a devolver parte dessa remuneração (de 10% a 70%) para alguma pessoa de confiança do parlamentar. Em geral, há um pacto de silêncio entre as partes: o assessor quer manter o emprego e depende do político que confisca parte do seu rendimento.

O tema voltou à tona por causa do caso de Fabrício José Carlos de Queiroz, ex-assessor do deputado estadual e senador eleito Flávio Bolsonaro (PSL-RJ). Queiroz foi flagrado pelo Conselho de Controle de Atividades Financeiras (Coaf) movimentando 1,2 milhão de reais – valor cinco vezes superior a sua renda anual – , recebendo depósitos de ao menos nove servidores da Assembleia Legislativa do Rio de Janeiro em datas próximas aos pagamentos de salários e transferindo 24.000 reais para Michele Bolsonaro, mulher do presidente eleito, Jair Bolsonaro (PSL)".

Mais informações podem ser encontradas no link-título.

O discurso era acabar com a corrupção. Mas a direita irá acabar com os poucos direitos dos mais pobres e mais odiados (as minorias, é claro).

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